Causeway Coast and Glens PCSP

PCSP Manager: Jonny Donaghy 

Tel: 028 2766 0294 Email:

Find out about your area Causeway, Coast and Glens. To contact the police dial 101 or 999 if it is an emergency.

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Independent Members

First name Last name Occupation
Sam McGregor             Former Director of Development Services, Leisure and Tourism
Leanne Abernethy Restorative Practitioner & Community Development officer
Derek McDonald Business Consultant
Caroline White Garment technologist
Adele Tomb Office Manager /  Case Worker
Patricia McQuillan Community Worker
Lee Kane Engagement Manager - Voice Of Young People In Care (VOYPIC)
Steven Chambers Self-Employed Management Consultant
Neale Jagoe PhD candidate and policy consultant

Political Members

Position First name Last name Political party
Alderman          George             Duddy                    Democratic Unionist Party
Councillor Leanne Peacock Sinn Féin
Councillor Darryl Wilson Ulster Unionist Party
Councillor (Chair)   Adrian McQuillan Democratic Unionist Party
Councillor Ashleen Schenning Social Democratic and Labour Party
Councillor Philip Anderson Democratic Unionist Party
Councillor    Oliver McMullan Sinn Féin
Councillor Sandra Hunter Ulster Unionist Party
Councillor Ivor Wallace Democratic Unionist Party
Councillor Brenda Chivers Sinn Féin