How do they do their work?

There are 11 PCSPs, one for each council area. Belfast has one PCSP and four District Policing and Community Safety Partnerships (DPCSPs) covering the North, South, East and West area commands within the city.

Each PCSP has a Policing Committee to take forward specific police monitoring and engagement functions, with the wider PCSP taking forward community safety related functions.

PCSPs may also establish Delivery Groups to address particular community safety issues that arise in their areas.

Policing Committee


The PCSP Policing Committee works with local police to develop the local policing plan and monitor their performance against this plan.

The Policing Committee's job is to:

  • provide views to a relevant police commander and the Policing Board on any matter concerning the district;
  • monitor performance of the police in carrying out the policing plan in the district; and
  • make arrangements for obtaining the co-operation of the public with the police in preventing crime and enhancing community safety in the district.