Pupils get lessons in how to ‘Bee’ safe


Pupils get lessons in how to ‘Bee’ safe

Bee safe continues to be a consistently popular way to teach young people about how they can keep safe.

Road safety was high on the list of priorities for 1,700 P7 pupils in Antrim & Newtownabbey who recently took part in the ‘Bee Safe’ programme.

The multi-agency approach to safety uses role play and real life scenarios to inform young people how to stay safe and make right decisions.

Alongside road safety, the programme explores a number of topics including internet safety, fire safety, drugs and alcohol awareness, inclusion and diversity, personal safety on public transport and home safety.

Speaking about the event Chair of Antrim & Newtownabbey PCSP, Cllr Neil Kelly commented: “This is an excellent event that aims to develop awareness on a range of important issues as young people prepare for the transition from primary to secondary education. I hope all of the young people who attended the event take on board the important message to help keep themselves, their friends and their family safe.”