PCSP showcases Emergency Services

PCSP showcases Emergency Services

The Nathan Carter fans of Fermanagh & Omagh were in their element last month at the PCSP Emergency Services Day in Enniskillen. About 1,500 people turned up for demonstrations from the local agencies who really work hard to keep people safe across the mountains, lakes, towns and villages of the area – with the added attraction of the country singer.

Fermanagh & Omagh PCSP Chair Cllr John Coyle said the event was part of the PCSP’s role to work with partner organisations to promote community safety.

It was all about action as the RNLI simulated a water rescue while the Coastguard buzzed overhead. The Fire and Rescue and Ambulance Services mocked up a traffic collision to demonstrate what they do when they get to the scene, how they deal with casualties and the impact it has on everyone involved. And, if that wasn’t enough of a deterrent, the Car Crash Simulator was set up to give people a full on simulation of what it’s like to be involved in a crash.

The police dogs, though, were the stars of the day, showing how well they are trained and how brilliantly they respond. PSNI Insp Paula Johnston stressed the importance of illustrating how the emergency services work together every day to deal with very challenging incidents.

The North West Mountain Rescue, Red Cross and St John’s Ambulance were also there to talk about the vital – and sometimes overlooked - roles they play to support the Emergency Services.